Here are the results of the Spring Kick Off homebrew competition.

Stout Tanks 40 Gallon Conical Fermenter

New addition  to The Stout Palace

Southern Oregon Homebrew Spring Kick Off

Don’t forget to drop off your bottles at Biologic to get judged this weekend
we will be brewing there so come by and say Hi


Beer Judging Class Update

There are 5 people participating in the current class. We are on the 8th week with 3 more weeks to go. Each week an aspect of brewing is covered, such as ingredients, fermentation and the brewing process. Beer flaws are tasted and their causes and prevention discussed. At each class several classic examples of BJCP beer styles sampled and reviewed. To practice beer judging, everyone judges a beer and the results are discussed. Southern Oregon has 5 more competent beer judges to judge in upcoming competitions.

Brew Stand


We had to cut the winscreen for air it works great

This was a blast to build0914141348a





Pour us a Beer!

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444 Beers Received
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