Beer Description

What beer should I brew?
What is the difference between porters and stouts?
To help with these and other questions,
we have put together this beer reference list for all type of beers


Belgium Ale                             
A light ale with a mellow, aromatic hop flavor.
Berliner Lager
A German lager. Black & Tan

Combines the rich, roasted flavor of a dry stout with the clean, hoppy aroma and flavor of an ale.
Brown Ale
A creamy, full-bodied, slightly sweet dark brown ale.
Canadian Ale
A light ale with a lightly hopped flavor; crisp and clean – a real treat!
Canadian Pilsner
S lightly more hop flavor with a smooth finish. Light in color but full in flavor!
Cream Ale
A nice golden color ale with a hoppy nose.
Draught (Coopers)
A full and flavorsome beer displaying a clean, crisp taste with a subtle “bitter” flavor.                   
Dutch Pilsner
A light lager, golden color with a taste of Heineken.
Einbeck Bock
A strong yet smooth malty beer with a deep amber color.
English Special Bitter (ESB)
A creamy, amber ale that’s mild in flavor and aroma. Reminiscent of an ordinary English Bitter!
German Dark
A rich and dark smoothness; comparable to Dunkel.
German Pilsner
A lager, gold in color, with a refreshing hop aroma. A German favorite!
Authentic German wheat beer.
Imperial Stout
A rich, seasonal stout. Warming – perfect for cold winter nights!
Indian Pale Ale
Rich in body with a generous amount of crystal malt and hops.
Irish Red Ale
A traditional blend of honey with light and dry malts gives a subtle Irish flavor to this Killian’s clone.
Irish Stout
A creamy rich, full bodied stout with a taste of Guinness!
A golden, crisp beer popular in northern Europe. Light and refreshing.
London Porter
A dark ale that is medium bodied and silky smooth.
Nut Brown Ale
Dark and smooth, a brown ale with a slightly “nutty” character.
Oatmeal Stout
A smooth, sweet stout with just the right amount of flaked oats.
Malty finish and balanced aroma.
Old English Ale
A hopped ale with a beautiful hop bouquet.
Pale Ale
A strong, beautiful bouquet of malt and hops and a luscious hoppy flavor.
A hoppy, medium bodied dark ale.
Real Ale
Displays a solid head and a distinctive, full bodied flavor, enhanced by a soft fruity character.
Sam Adams Boston Ale Clone
The revival of American craft brewing!
Scotch Ale
A nice clean malt aroma, mahogany in color, creamy head.
Sierra Nevada Clone
America’s pale ale! Bronzed-red color, malty and smooth.
A refreshing, light bodied, lightly hopped. Gold in color, a German favorite!

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