Brewing Grains

American 2-Row Malted Barley   
From Great Western Malting Company. A west coast microbrew favorite
American 6-Row Malted Barley  
From Briess Malting Co. A high-enzyme grain with same light color as 2-row. Useful for mashing with low enzyme grains like wheat.
British Pale Ale Malt                         
Maris Otter variety from Hugh Baird. A true British pale ale malt. 2.5 Lov. The lightest roast of barley malt, these grains are kilned at just hot enough temperatures to drive out moisture without damaging the enzymes within the kernels.
German Pilsner Malt                         
From a German Maltster. Very light in color (1.5-2.0 Lovibond)
American Wheat Malt                     
Northwest soft white malted wheat for the production of traditional German weissbier and American Wheat beer. Plump kernals, 2.8 Lov.
Munich Malt                                         
From Great Western-A great Munich malt produced domestically. Germinating malt is “stewed” then kilned at 200 degrees F. Provides color without introducing the caramel/crystal flavor. Color is 8-10 Lov.
Vienna Malt                                           
Hugh Baird, 3-4 Lov. Processed like Munich malt, but with a shorter “cure” duration. Similar to Munich malt, but slightly lighter in color. Vienna Malt can be used in place of standard brewers malt (2-row)as the base malt in a brew.
British Brown Malt                            
Imparts a dry, biscuit flavor. Use in porters, brown, nut brown and stouts and even Belgian ales.70 lovibond.
American Rye Malt                         
Unique rye taste, for rye ales.
Flaked Barley                                     
Unmalted, high beta-glucan barley that has been flaked. Great for increasing head retention and for extra body to your beer (use about 4 oz. per 5 gallons of beer).
Flaked Oats                                          
Used in Oatmeal Stouts, approx. 1/2 lb. in 5 gallons.
Flaked Maize (Corn)                         
Corn that has been cooked (to gelatinize the starches) and flaked. Use to lighten up the color of an American-style lager or to boost alcohol without affecting color or adding increased maltiness.
Flaked Rice                                        
Rice is used by Budweiser (and others) to lighten color, and add alcohol when mashed with other grains.
Flaked Wheat                                   
Adds a “raw” wheat taste to wit beers, weiss. Adds some cloudiness as well.
Flaked Rye                                       
Adds a dry, crisp rye taste. Can be easier to mash than raw rye.

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