Specialty Grains

Light Crystal Malt 20         
Adds a subtle caramel sweetness and light color to beer. Helps with head retention. Also known as light carastan or caramel malt.
Light Crystal Malt 40          
This fully modified and saccharified 2-row crystal adds caramel sweetness and a light amber color to your beer. Also helps with head retention. A versitile malt providing moderate color and caramel flavor. Also known as carastan, or caramel malt
Light Crystal Malt  60          
Similar to crystal 40 but with a more extensive roasting. Has a more pronounced caramel flavor to coincide with the color.
Light Crystal Malt 90           
Adds strongly caramelized flavor and reddish hues to beer.
Light Crystal Malt  120         
Highly carmelized for dark beers. Fairly intense toffee flavor and quite dark
Chocolate Malt                          
Adds a chocolate flavor note as well as a deep amber to brown color. 500 Lovibond
Black Barley Malt                     
This malted grain is kilned to high temperatures giving a black, charred appearance to any beer in which this grain is used, The acrid, sometimes smokey flavor is prime charectoristics of porters and stouts.
Roasted Barley                         
Highly roasted. 575 Lov. Provides color and a sharp dry flavor. Used extensively in stouts. Roasted Barley provides a sweet, grainy, coffee-like flavor. The flavor is concentrated; therefore, a small amount will give a distinguishable flavor.
Black Patent Malt                      
Used in Stouts and Porters for deep black color annd toasty character. In larger amounts, adds an astringent bite.
Cara-Pils® (Dextrin) Malt     
Also called Dextrin malt. Adds body, foam retention, without influencing color or flavor. Used to upgrade all types of light colored beers (standard, premium, light, low alcohol, no alcohol, etc.).
Honey Malt                                
Imparts a sweet, nutty, toasted flavor. 20 Lov. From Gambrinus-also called “Brumalt”.
Victory (Biscuit) Malt             
Victory® Malt is a fully modified product which receives additional processing. Contributes a warm, toasted, nutty flavor to beer. The malt provides a deep golden brown color. Toasted pale malt.APPLICATIONS: use where a recipe calls for toasted malt
Belgian Biscuit Malt                 
 A marginally fermentable grain that should be used in place of “toasted” malt in many recipes. Biscuit malt produces a very pronounced “toasty” finish in the beer.
Belgian Caramunich                 
A medium to dark crystal malt. Use to enhance malt aroma and copper color (5-15% of grain bill). 53-60 Lov.From DWC Malting Company
Belgian Caravienne                 
Light to medium crystal malt. Adds caramel sweetness and aroma (use 5-20% of grain bill). 19-23 Lov.From DWC Malting Company
German Karaffe Malt             
A light colored chocolate malt from Germany
Special Roast                       
Imparts a “biscuit” flavor. 50 Lov. Distinctive orange-red’ish color. Excellent for nut brown ales (5-10%), porters (5-10%)
Rice Hulls                                 
Rice Hulls are used as a filter medium, mostly used in all grain wheat beers to help prevent a stuck mash.



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