Wyeast Liquid Lager Yeasts

Wyeast Bavarian Lager Yeast #2206
Rich flavor, full-bodied, malty and clean. For Bocks, dopplebocks, and other lagers. Ferment at 46-58 deg.F
Wyeast California Lager Yeast #2112
For Steam-style beers. Malty profile. Warm fermenting strain that ferments well up to 65 deg. F. while keeping lager characteristics.
Wyeast Pilsen Lager Yeast #2007
Specifically for Pilsner-style beers. Ferments dry, crisp, clean and light. Optimum fermentation temp is 50 deg. F.
Wyeast Munich Lager Yeast #2308
Very smooth, soft, well rounded and full-bodied. From Bavaria, Germany. Good Oktoberfest yeast. XL Size! Ideal temperature range is 48-56° F (9-13° C)
Wyeast Czech Pils Yeast #2278
Classic for Pilsners, and Bocks. Classic dry finish. Optimum fermentation temp is 50 deg. F. Sulfur from fermentation dissipates with conditioning.
Wyeast Bohemian Lager Yeast #2124
Ferments clean and malty, with rich residual maltiness in full gravity pilsners.
Wyeast Kolsch #2565
A hybrid of ale and lager characteristics. This strain develops excellent maltiness with subdued fruitiness, and a crisp finish. Best choice for Kolsch style beers. 56-70 deg F.
Wyeast American Lager Yeast #2035
Unlike American Pilsner styles. It is bold, complex and woody. Produces slight diacetyl. Optimum fermentation temperature is 48 deg. F.
Danish Lager Yeast #2042
Rich, Dortmund-style, crisp, dry finish. Soft profile accentuates hop characteristics. Flocculation-low; apparent attenuation 73-77% (46-56 degrees F.)




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