Wyeast Liquid Wheat BeerYeasts

Wheinstephen Wheat Beer Yeast #3068
Unique yeast which produces the spicy weizen character, rich with clove, vanilla and banana. Recommend fermenting at 68deg.F. Best for hefeweizens and weizenbocks. FAST, VIGOROUS fermentation!
Bavarian Wheat Yeast #3056
A blend of top fermenting ale and wheat yeast strains producing mild estery and phenolic wheat beers. Ferments down to 64 deg.F
Belgian Wit Beer Yeast #3944
A tart, slightly phenolic character capable of producing distinctive wit beers and Grand Cru style ale alike. Alcohol tolerant. Ferments down to 60 deg. F.
American Wheat Yeast #1010
A dry fermenting true top cropping yeast which produces a dry, slightly tart, crisp beer, in American hefeweizen style. Flocculation low, attenuation 74-78% (58-74 deg F.)
German Wheat Yeast #3333
Subtle flavor profile for a wheat beer. Sharp crispiness, fruity, with low flocculation. Good for dunkelweizens, weizen/weissbiers and weizenbocks.
Belgian Wheat Yeast #3942
Estery, low phenol producing yeast from small Belgian brewery. Apple-, bubblegum- and plum-like aromas with a dry but fruity finish
Wyeast Forbidden Fruit Yeast #3463
From old Belgian brewery for production of wits to classic grand cru. Phenolic profile with subdued fruitiness. Well balanced estery profile. Flocculation – low; apparent attenuation 73-77% (63-76º F, 17-24° C)

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